College Writing Portfolio


The Note You Found In Your Mailbox Two Days After Your Cat Went Missing

“I should’ve been thinking of the possible health implications of delusions in combination with dehydration and a high fever. Instead, I stumbled down the block to your house and stole your cat.”

Working the Yard
“All together the whole thing looked like some kind of black and silver Emerald City and I was more anxious to get there than Dorothy and the Scarecrow combined. When we got off the expressway, I had to sit sideways and strain my neck to see the tops of buildings. I looked straight up out the window until I was dizzy, and all I could think was the seven-year-old equivalent of ‘this is the shit.'”

Photo Essays

collections of flash fiction and nonfiction based on found images

Munson Grove in Black and White
Munson Grove in Black and White: Selected Photos from the Munson Grove Public Archives; or, you’ve never seen a town so empty, so full.

I’ll Be Seeing You
The love of Hank and Mary Murray in words and pictures.

Creative Nonfiction

We Are In Revolution
“The earth rotates one full cycle in about 24 hours composed of 60 minutes composed of 60 seconds, and we don’t think much of the incredible gravity of that time because from eight o’clock in the morning to nine o’clock in the morning, we are most often in the business of finding clean socks and trying to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the sticky, flat tube. We meant to buy more last night.”

Analytical Nonfiction

Twilight and the Dilemma of Desire
A short analytical response to the construction of female desire in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, using a Christian/biblical framework.

A Mask, a Veil, a Coffin: Abjection and the Female Body in German Literature, Art, and Film
A mid-length analysis of masking and veiling as a vehicle for abjection of the female form in several turn-of-the-century German texts. Works include: The History of Lady Sophia SternheimVenus in FursThe Devil is a Woman, “Lady in Mink and Veil,” “The Artist’s Sister, Melanie,” and Dream Story.

Dangerous Words: Popular Rhetoric, the Immigration Act of 1924, and the Rise of U.S. Hegemony in East Asia
An 18-page historical analysis of how popular rhetoric influenced American, Japanese, and International foreign policy in the 1920’s with a specific emphasis on the Anti-Japanese Immigration Act of 1924. Use of primary- and secondary-source documents.


Siren Stories
Poems based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” and other siren stories.

We Are Loved, We Are Stone, We Are Drowned
A collection of poems submitted in partial-completion of Introduction to Poetry, ENG 208, Knox College, winter 2014. This collection takes the reader through a myriad of complex relationships. Based on the notions that “every poem is a love poem,” this compilation explores love in its various forms, particularly through a tragic lens.