Audio: Ellen L. on Keeping Happy with Anxiety and OCD

My friend Ellen, a double major in history and elementary education, is one of the bubbliest, fun-loving people I’ve ever met. Because of her seeming enthusiasm for life, I asked if she would speak to me a bit about her ideas of happiness, what obstacles tend to get in the way of her happiness, and how she remains positive in difficult times. She kindly obliged. A lot of nervous giggling ensued.

Because the audio is a little quiet (you may need to turn up your device’s volume), below is a transcript of Ellen’s interview, edited for “likes” and laughter.

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Audio: Josh Tvrdy on Sprituality, Sexuality, and Happiness

In our noisy school café, I spoke with Josh Tvrdy, one of the brightest people I know (intellectually and his overall demeanor). Raised Christian, Josh talked about the conflict between his sexuality and spirituality. While his body has been a source of constant shame and guilt, Josh still finds it to be a source of happiness, especially through running.

Apologies for the noisy background.

Music by Laura Marling; Photo by Josh’s friend Carolina Gonçlaves