Regular-Sized Rudy: Not Your Typical “Nerd with Inhaler”

Because my health currently prohibits me from working, I’ve been watching a lot of television. Too much television. I would not recommend that anyone watch the amount of television that I watch. It is not at all healthy. However, in the past few years, I’ve come across the animated gem that is Bob’s Burgers, and I am enamored. Anyone who knows me knows that I talk basically about mental illness, weird animal fun facts, and Bob’s Burgers. I’ll watch the show on loop. Despite what others might say, I do not see my obsession as an unhealthy choice. I half-heartedly justify it by citing a dodgy Vice article I once read that states cartoons can help ease depression. Really, it’s just a comfort show. I’ve seen enough to know what’s going to happen; the constant, quick puns make me laugh; and the family is incredibly awkward and heart-warming and they support each other no matter what.

Overall, Bob’s Burgers is excellent (in my opinion) because it doesn’t rely on cutaway gags and vulgarity like other “adult” animated shows. The timing and improvisation is impeccable. I would like to shine a spotlight, though, on my very favorite character: Regular-Sized Rudy.



Bob’s Burgers S3, E22 “Carpe Museum”

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The Good and Bad of Watching The Keepers as a Sexual Assault Survivor

July 25, 2017: This post has been featured on The Mighty as “The Pros and Cons of Watching ‘The Keepers’ as a Sexual Abuse Survivor”.

Trigger Warning: This post discusses sexual assault and mentions suicidal ideation. If you need support, you can call RAINN/National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673, reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255, or text “Start” to 741741 to reach the anonymous Crisis Text Line.


Released in May 2017, the Emmy-nominated Netflix documentary series The Keepers examines the decades-old unsolved murder of beloved Catholic School Teacher Sister Cathy Cesnick in Baltimore. The series connects the nun’s disappearance and murder to the claims of sexual abuse filed against the then-chaplain of Archbishop Keogh High School by former-students in the 1990’s. Through interviews and conversations with former Keogh students, The Keepers pieces together the story of Sister Cathy, the dark testimonies of mistreatment by chaplain Father Maskell, and the ways in which the cases may have been mishandled by Baltimore police or repressed by the Catholic Church.

As a lover of true-crime, I was very excited for the series’ release, but as a sexual assault survivor, I was afraid to watch it. My abusers were not members of the clergy, but any stories or images of sexual abuse can trigger me and send me into a state of hypervigilance and panic. Fueled by curiosity and perhaps a bit of masochism, I turned it on, against my better judgment. The first episode of The Keepers is harmless enough (as far as brutal, unsolved murders go), so I decided to continue, naively unaware of the truly horrifying narrative ahead. Continue reading “The Good and Bad of Watching The Keepers as a Sexual Assault Survivor”